Friday, January 7, 2011

...randomness of thoughts...

Well, it seems forever since I've written on here, indeed, I just checked the log of my last post and it was almost a year ago... time flies I suppose.
I'm waiting on Josh to get out of his class, my semester doesn't actually start up until next week, and so I'm going to CF with him until I head back to my dorm. I love Stetson, it's an insane class workload, but its challenging and I love it.
I've been thinking about starting a videoblog/journal type thing using my webcam. I think it would be cool, don't know that I'd post it all online or anything, but it'd be an interestingly new way to rant about everything - really cool I think.
I like school but I can't wait until I'm done with it and can get on with my life - I want to have a steady job so I don't have to pinch pennies all the time, and can't wait to have my own place that I can do with as I please - and have CRITTERS!!!! lol.
Well, I think I'm going to watch some NetFlix or something - Josh gets out of class in about an hour or so today... Have a good day to anyone who actually reads this.

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