Monday, February 15, 2010

Phantom of the Opera

Josh and I went to see Phantom of the Opera a couple weeks ago. It was AMAZING!!!!

I have never seen anything brought to life that well on stage... it was unbelievable! As soon as it was over, both of us were ready to go right back in and see it again.

As soon as the Overture started, it filled the entire theatre, I could feel it swelling the air, and as music often does, it made me cry. The music was indescribably beautiful.

The movie is wonderful, the soundtrack phenomenal, but nothing, and I mean nothing can compare to hearing the Overture with a live orchestra.

And the singing... *sigh*... oh the singing... imagine a combination of a magical stage, and amazing operatic voices... Christine was amazing... the Phantom was realistically creepy, and Raul... Raul's voice was phenomenal... deep and rich... it was awesome. :)

Needless to say... as Josh and I saw it on February 13th, it was the best Valentine's Day date EVER! :)

If I ever get another opportunity to go see Phantom again, I am soooo going to see it... even if I have to save up for a year to do so. :)

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