Monday, March 30, 2009

Betta Kamikaze

Not so long ago, Uesugi decided to commit seppuku (ritual suicide) by way of kamikaze-ing out of his bowl. I wondered why I didn't see him when I fed that morning, but he had a tendency to hide, so I didn't worry too much about it (and I was running late for school). But then when I got home, Uesugi was nowhere to be found. :( Finally I found him. The poor little guy had catapulted himself out of his bowl and landed on one of my posters that was rolled up on the floor. His once vibrant colors were dark, almost black; and his little body was mummified. It was traumatizing. He is now buried in the start of a new pet graveyard out front. :'(

A few days ago, I bought a replacement. The empty fish bowl sitting on my shelf was depressing, it called for another little finned creature to be swimming around in it. So I then aquired Kenshin, a gorgeous royal blue betta. He's just now starting to catch onto the feeding routine... but what does he do the other day? Nothing less than try to imitate his predecessor and fly out of his bowl. Fortunately Holly came home and checked on him just in the nick of time. She found him on the floor, looking very dried out. But when she went to touch him, he flopped, so she promptly threw him back into his fish bowl. Thankfully she got there in time... I'm crossing my fingers that he's going to make it. Kenshin is just today starting to swim around a little bit - his fins are very damaged... I'm hoping they heal up okay. And just tonight he took a pellet of food. (Compared to not touching it for the past couple days, but before he flew, he would eat about 3 pellets twice a day). But any progress is good.
I should have known better than to continue on the name of the previously suicidal fish, but I wanted to complete the little naming thing I had going. (Takeda, Shingen, Uesugi, and now Kenshin.)

Sometime in the near future I'll post pictures of my new guy. He's absolutely beautiful, though a bit tattered now.

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