Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Midnight drive to clear the mind...

I laid down to go to sleep tonight, but alas, sleep would not come. I could not get out of my mind a picture that I've been wanting to take of the moon shrouded by trees. With sleep eluding me, I decided to take a drive... perhaps to find my picture.
I could only forsee two possible setbacks to my venture... that there is no moon visible tonight, and the stars are overshadowed by the vast amount of city lights. The lack of visible moon I couldn't help, even if I were to have asked very graciously, the moon doesn't simply appear because we wish her too.
Although I couldn't affect the moon, I wasn't about to be dissuaded from my midnight escapade... so I went driving in search of sky unpolluted by city lights. The roads were empty save a few police cruisers, and the occasional other driver who was perhaps as misguided as myself.
After meandering around for a while, the span of about five songs on the radio, I came across an area that was free from the pollution of lights, and yet still close enough to people not to worry. I pulled over to the roadside, flipped on my camera, and stepped gingerly out of my car. It was only then that I realized my error... I hadn't yet played with my new camera's settings enough to take a good picture of the night sky. I wasn't able to get my camera to register the stars in its focus. Alas! I shall have to merely try again one of these nights in the future, when I learn to adjust the shutter speed on my camera's exposure.
Mayhaps I'll find my picture on a night of the full moon, hung in a velvet sky amongst the sea of diamond stars....

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